Objective & Concept

The objectif of the association France eSports is to communicate Esport as a sportive discipline on an olympic level and to promote its community build of gamers, game creators, inventors and publishers

By now Esport is still lacking social recognition as a sport. Esport France wants to change this by informing about the high level skills it takes to be a professional gamer. As important values for France Esport we identified team cooperation, self-realization and self-exceedence.
The target group spreads from amateurs up to professional gamers between 18 ant 35 years, so we decided the tone should be energetic, innovative and to the point.


Visual identity

The visuals show an ambassadeur of Esports France – one time pictured as a professional gamer and another time in his role as ambassadeur of Esports France. These images are illustrating the value of self-exceedance: Through the superposition of two pictures an alter ego appears. This alter ego is formed by the two visuals of the ambassadeur.

The website is presenting the community Esport France and informing about news in the gaming scene, f.e. the latest gaming competitions.


Street marketing campaigne

For the street marketing campagne we have imagined an arena truck moving from city to city, inviting gamers of all levels to play together. The arena truck gives the possibility to check out ones professional gaming level accompanied by the ambassadors of France Esport.

Rose De La Chapelle, Anthony Bataille-Grimaud, Cécile Dumont, Jade Leverrier

École de Condé Paris
Comunication strategy
Winter Term 2017/18