Being a museum the main role of the Musée des écritures in Figeac is the transmission of information to a large public – in a playful an in a scientific way. The task was to creat a museums image more contemporaine, provoking an immersion between vistor and museum. Therefore we identified as principles for the new museums communication „transmission“ and „interactivity“.

The museums content is spread over different eras and different parts of the globe, so visiting the museum is a journey trough time and space. Inviting people to discover and to see the evolution of script is the museums main goal.

Logo & Typography

The design of the logo keeps close to the facade of the Maison Champollion by representing one of its arches.
As Typographies we decided for the Akzidenz Grotesk (1896) and the Stellar (2015). Being an typographic classic the Akzidenz Grotesk carries the typical character of the Museum. The Stellar got used for the body text, expressing modernity.


The catalogue is split by exposition rooms, every of the five main scripts and their cultures has its own chapter.
The principe of discovering can also be found: introduction for every exhibition room is a cutout formed by the sign of the culture.


For the immersive part a application using augmented reality got designed, providing two different tours, one for kids and one for adults.
The tour for adults provides different layers of information accessible when an exhibit got scanned:
general information in audio an text form, a cart indicating its origin, videos about its discovery or history and a translation of the exhibits script.
The children tour is more playful: Accompanied by the museums mascot Gigi the kid has to fulfill six tasks (one for every room). Having successfully completed the task the kid wins a tshirt with the imprint of the mascots at the museums desk.

Aleksandra Doussineau,
Anthony Bataille-Grimaud, Alizé Rémi

École de Condé Paris
Comunication strategy
Winter Term 2017/18