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Whether Pope, Merkel, Trump or the DiCaprio, they are all talking to us. The question is how exactly do they do it? "To The Point(s)" is a rhetorical analysis tool revealing the speech strategies of today’s influential people. For this purpose, speeches are converted into a visual, information-graphic code. In this way they are made quickly analyzable and easily comparable. Wich words are used by whom? Can the use of rhetorical figures and political frames detect specific speech patterns? How do they present, emphasize and stage, deducing wich intentions of action? With the tools help, the facts conveyed in the speech are faced with their rhetorical form.

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Surrounded by media each and every day, that comes up with new images, headlines and opinions, it is almost impossible – even for interested people – to keep up with the entire political discourse. The resulting disenchantment with politics plays into the hands of populists, who are offering emotions instead of information. How can this problem be counteracted and how can the political discourse be made more attractive and accessible again? With its information graphic system „To the piont(s)“ enables the user to quickly overview the speech and compare it with other speaches to recognize and analyze rhetorical peculiarities in detail

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After the intro, which introduces the principle of the network diagram, the user gets a first impression of the speaker (Who talks for a long time, who uses many rhetorical figures, etc.).
Afterwards it is possible to select one or two speeches and start the analysis. The user is guided through the analysis levels one after the other and has the possibility to filter for specific words or analysis parameters, scroll through the text or zoom in for details.
In addition to the graphical representations of the speech, the text source can be blended in at any time in order to understand how the visualization results from the text itself.

At the end there is a summary of the individual analysis layers offering suggestions for interpretation. The graphical code of the data visualization is layered on top of each other and a final picture of the analysis appears.

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Target group

For whom is the tool useful?
The structure of „To the point(s)“ allows easy access for everyone: In the beginning an introduction guides through functionality and system of the analysis. Throughout the tool every term not commonly known can be learned via tooltip

For whom the tool is of interest depends on the background and not on the persons age.
All together „To the point(s“) is useful for a variety of people with different backgrounds: it is useful for High School students currently learning to analyse a text, or journalists and linguists in need of a rough overview of the speech. But primarily this tool appeals to the „average citizen“ giving him the possibility to take a critical look at the voices in global affairs.

Zusammenfassung / Fazit aus der Analyse

Communication strategy

The tool is introduced by a public campaign - a poster series, which is generated from the graphical material of the analysis levels. The posters depict two speeches, enabling direct comparison using one of the analysis levels as an example.

They are complemented by a three dimemsional installation which shows the individual analysis levels on transparent print substrates one behind the other.
Its inspection then results - while standing in front of it - the layering of the entire analysis. Also stepping between the layers allows a study of each level individually. In this manner the principle of the interactive tool is transferred to a static medium.


Also possible is a corresponding social media campaign, build from the same graphical material, but using the potential of the animated media in order to arouse interest in the topic.

For this purpose a telepromter teaser playing a video of a speech in parallel with the graphics developed is used. This teleprompter corresponds to a live analysis of the speech with quick decoding. Without having to deal with an in-depth analysis one can get an impression of „To the point(s)“ visual world and its analysis possibilities.

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Credits Movie:
Camera: Johanna Borelli

Muthesius University of Fine Arts
Interaction design
Bachelor thesis project
supervised by: Prof. Tom Duscher
Summer Term 2018

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