„De la musique au jardin(s)“

Accompanied by music this Application guides trough the gardens of "Le grand Paris".
The goal was to give a reason to walk trough the beautiful gardens of Great Paris. Apparently many Parisiens rarely make use of them, so an Application downloadable trough QR Codes promoted on placards and flower installations in the city invites to discover the gardens in a more sensible way:

Every garden has its very own selection of music and once arrived at a garden it is possible to download the selection or just walk trough the garden attended by music, experiencing the „voyage sonore“.
Not only giving access to directions and playlists, the application provides some further information about the interpret himself and the garden.

The design is kept simple to give some space for a simultaneous experience of garden and music. In the end the „Voyage sonore“ brings two perspectives together: receiving information and having a rich, poetic stroll through a particular peace of nature.

Chart of Color Range
App Jardin Mockup

Le Grand Paris

Grand Paris (Greater Paris) is a project to transform the Paris metropolitan area into a major world and European metropolis of the 21st century, in order to improve the living environment of the inhabitants, to correct the territorial inequalities and to build a sustainable city.
[source: wikipedia]

Credits: Élise Vergnes
Music by Isaac Delusion (Midnight Sun) and
Andras & Oscar (I Know What You Want)

École de Condé
Creation digital
Winter Term 2017/18

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